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Why Video is Important to Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

It's probably pretty obvious to you that the internet is the way in which most adults consume media in this day and age. According to the Pew Research Center, 69% of adults access the internet at least several times a day. So while a good first step is to trade your Yellow Pages ads for targeted Facebook and Google ads, the real game changer is video marketing.

Facebook, which boasts an average of 164.13 million users a month according to Verto Anyalytics, will be entirely video content within the next five years. Consumers are growing tired of reading about products, as evidenced by the fact that 54% would rather see video content over any other type of media. Consumers also say that branded video content is the most memorable for them.

We have all seen branded video content before. So how do you bring video marketing into the real estate world?

Listing Videos

As the great agent that you are, you offer only the best homes to your clients. Pictures can only convey so much! Show off everything these beautiful properties have to offer with a video tour of the listing.

Neighborhood Tours

One of the most famous sayings about real estate has to be "Location, Location, Location." It's hard to get a feel for the attitude of a neighborhood just by looking at where it is on a map. Don't tell your client that there is a cute downtown area or a golf course nearby, show them!

Videos Starring You!

You're a great agent. You give your clients individual attention and always put their needs first. Show them the quality of your service first hand! Whether it be a property walk through led by you, a client testimonial video, or just a short "About Me," making yourself the star can help display your unique personality.

Check out more of our video work and contact us today to get started!

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