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9 Words to Avoid Using in Your Listings

Knowing how to describe a home can be the difference between an okay agent and a great agent. Previously, I discussed the 15 words you should be including in your listings. According to Zillow, these nine words; however, should be avoided at all costs.

1. Nice

While "nice" seems like a positive adjective, it is very non-specific and can leave a little to much to the buyer's imagination. Homes described as "nice" sold for 1% less than expected. 

Even if the home is as "nice" as this one, use better descriptors!

2. TLC  "TLC" is similar to the word "fixer," it makes the reader thing that the home is not currently at it's full potential. Homes with "TLC" in their description sold for 4.2-8.7% less on average than expected. 

3. Cosmetic A buyer does not want to hear that a house needs "a few cosmetic updates." High price-tier listings with "cosmetic" sold for 7.5% less than expected. 

4. Investment While this one might seem surprising, the word "investment" signals to a home buy that the home has seen better days. Lower priced homes described an "investment" sold for 6.6% less on average.

5. Investor While the words "investment" and "investor" are good at attracting people who may want to flip a property, the majority of buyers do not want to see this term. High priced homes with "investor" sold for 6.6% less than expected. 

6. Potential Again, buyers do not want to be reminded that a home is not currently at its best. Lower priced homes with "potential" in the description sold for 4.3% less.

7. Bargain  If you think a home is a good deal, let the price speak for itself. Homes described as a "bargain" sold for 3.5% less than expected. 

8. Opportunity It is acceptable to use "opportunity" to describe a high priced listing, however, using this word can have negative connotations for buyers of lower priced homes. Homes in this tier described as an "opportunity" sold for 2% less on average.

9. Fixer Using the word "Fixer" implies the home is not move-in ready and might require extra effort from the purchaser.  Unsurprisingly, homes listed with the word "fixer" sold for 11.1% less than expected.

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